Not So Jolly For The Holidays

Hey Ya'll! As the holidays are approaching there are a lot of mixed emotions about who’s contributing what for Christmas. Finding the perfect gift for loved ones or even affordable flights back home can be financially questionable. Below are personal tips of my own on how I cope with the Holiday season. 1. Be Good... Continue Reading →

Hair Growth:

Hey Dolls! So I decided to take the #ManetabolismHairGrowthChallenge a little over two months ago. I have taken the hair vitamins before however that was before the revision of the vitamins. Currently I am on my 3rd bottle and BOY OH BOY am I noticing a HUGE and I mean HUGE difference. Now let's get down... Continue Reading →

How I Relax After a Long Day:

Life is becoming pretty cray-cray (crazy) while trying to balance school, a full time job, bills bills and did I mention more bills? Here's a few ways that I relax after a stressful day 1. Workout: Surprise, Surprise! MOST people dislike the idea of working out at all. However, it is EXTREMELY relaxing! I don't... Continue Reading →

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